The magic of the Neapolitan Presepe of the 18th century recalls the history, art and culture of a glorious past, but still today the tradition continues with the works of the master Giuseppe Ercolano


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He is a sculptor craftsman of Meta di Sorrento, born in 1976, always attracted by the more classic and traditional crib, the 18th century Neapolitan school of inspiration.
Master in the most complete sense of the term, ranges from the realization of classic figures to the execution of whole sets, without neglecting the production of all accessories and finishes, and finally the true sculpture of wood used for the statuary Sacra.
The deep bond with his land, the traditions, the "aesthetic taste" and the gift of sensibility are the ethical and character principles, which are the foundations that have shaped him in an artistic career of about 20 years. The maximum exponents of the Napolitan nativity scene.

From her hands form the "shepherds", rich noblemen and typical herons, sweet angelic figures and characteristic characters of the oriental procession, molded with clay always respecting the tradition, then cooked will be enriched with glass eyes, hands and feet carved in Wood and finely dressed with fine fabrics and accessories, recalling the costumes of the kingdom of Naples at the Bourbonnaise court, as well as the "pastors" of the golden age, making only the exception to the Nativity.

An animal model with a sophisticated sophistication and style, the "hair", a distinctive feature of its inimitable production of sheep and goats, horses and cows, enrich the popular scenes of everyday life, protagonists of the Sacred Presentation set in Naples, and recounted in "Neapolitan dialect ".


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Giuseppe Ercolano

"In every work, I admire the beauty of the" heads ", the gaze of the eyes and the hands, the enamel of the incarnate and the richness of the decorations, wandering between the hair model and the carved clay in the clay is a game of fantasy, Delighted for the soul and the mind, especially because it is the result of my own hands ... ""

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