Artisan sculptor Meta di Sorrento, fascinated by the art world is attracted by Thumbnail universe crib century.

In 2000, this passion is expressed in his work. Public exhibitions and private collections spread its artistic culture.
Model figures and animals with wise refinement and stylehis hands are shaped, sweet angelic figures shepherds and herdsmen characters of the parade Eastern popular figures and Sacred always shaped in the traditional enhancing the expression of the faces without neglecting the finishing of clothes and every detail that gives it value.
Horses and donkeys, cows, and sheep these flagship of its production enrich daily life scenes all actors in a script
that he may live again, once again, the magic of Christmas.

Giuseppe Ercolano

"In every work, I admire the beauty of the" heads ", the gaze of the eyes and the hands, the enamel of the incarnate and the richness of the decorations, wandering between the hair model and the carved clay in the clay is a game of fantasy, Delighted for the soul and the mind, especially because it is the result of my own hands ... ""

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