by hand


Glass eyes




Oil colors


Needle and thread




Silk and fine fabrics


The protagonist of a theatrical performance such as the crib in Naples is not only one of the many elements that make up the presepi scene, but an authentic finely crafted artwork, its uniqueness, its attention to detail and the attention to detail , Are the key elements that a true collector is looking for, as well as guaranteeing his value over time.

The pastors according to the Gospel were dedicated to flock custody, common people, but privileged recipients of the good news. The term "pastor" in the primitive jargon indicates any character represented in it, all of whom are interpreters of a spectacle set in the eighteenth-century Naples.


The production of Giuseppe Ercolano prefers measurements of 35 to 40 cm, but the request does not exclude measures ranging from 30 cm to the size of the size in particular with reference to the statuary Sacred.

The head is shaped into clay, with the help of small wooden slats to give shape to the material.

After a natural drying process, the oven is baking at 980 °.

After cooking, the earthenware product is prepared with the application of the eyes, obtained from retro-blown  glass semi-crystals, and then molded their eyelids.

Numerous shades of colors to give delicate tones to angelic figures, browned for the villagers, ranging from various degrees to the various breeds of oriental, to the emphatic touches of cinnabar red on the cheeks. It is the coloring phase and then goes to the final coat.

The hands and feet are carved wood, the production is unique and exclusive.

The various components are applied to a dummy made of iron wire covered with hemp. The head is signed behind the "chin" and is attached to the body. The limbs are attached to the iron wire that protrudes from the arms and legs of the dummy. Finally, with another shank, it definitely shapes the body.

The assembled shepherd is ready for dressing, everything is sewn by hand, every variety of natural fiber fabrics is used for "custom made" dresses, metal trimmings, valenciennes embroidery and lace, to enrich the artifacts.

Exclusive production of silk fabrics used for dressing, featuring the latest productions of the master, reinterpreting ancient designs of the historic sanctuaries of San Leucio, by Italian textile companies.

Animal production is distinguished not only by its precious work, but also by the typical "haircut"
A feature that has always distinguished his works, the jewel of his inimitable production.

The sacral sculpture is mainly made of wood, as well as horses, cows, cows, donkeys, etc ..., these also made in terracotta with wooden legs, as well as for sheep and goats the body will be in terracotta assembled with wooden legs , With horns and ears in lead.

The finishes are the basic kit for every presepius figure, they are produced in exclusive buttons of precious metals such as silver, swords, crowns and gifts, horseshoes for horses; Wood and ivory accessories for musical instruments, sticks for rich nobles, or simple barrels and baskets, these are enriched with all kinds of fruits, meats and dairy products, made of wax always in the respect of the eighteenth-century canons.

Wood and cork are the basic elements of making a crib. These materials are arranged to form rocks, walls, and architectural structures to complete the initial space, identified for completion of the project. As soon as the craftsmanship of the plastic is completed, the grout will be filled, which will be filled to the spaces between the various hooks placed, and finally all will be highlighted by the various steps of color in the typical shades. Moss, branches and small shrubs will recreate a realistic setting that can accommodate the characters of tradition, so that even today, in every representation, the magic of Christmas Neapolitan and its crib can be revived.

Giuseppe Ercolano

"In every work, I admire the beauty of the" heads ", the gaze of the eyes and the hands, the enamel of the incarnate and the richness of the decorations, wandering between the hair model and the carved clay in the clay is a game of fantasy, Delighted for the soul and the mind, especially because it is the result of my own hands ... ""

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